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Homeless mother finds $800 on the street


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Original Source: http://www.tampabays10.com/news/news.aspx?storyid=17798


Homeless mother finds $800 on the street


Lakeland, Florida - When Checker's Fast Food Restaurant trainee, Canesha Blackman showed up to work Friday, she was treated like a hero.


Canesha Blackman, Returned Found Money:

"I couldn't even stop smiling. I was thinking, 'This is me they're talking about.' I was a superstar for one day."


A superstar, because when she left the Lakeland Jobs Center this week, she found $800 that had been lost by a Polk County Sheriff's Deputy.


Canesha didn't know who the money belonged to, but she never thought about keeping it.


The deputy had just cashed her paycheck and put her money in the day planner. As she went to get in her car, she put the planner on the roof. She drove off, forgetting the day planner was there. Canesha later found it in the middle of the road.


Canesha Blackman, Returned Found Money:

"She said she didn't know there was still good people out there like me. And I felt the same way, I've been done wrong so many times that I feel the same way too."


And if anyone could have used the $800, it's Canesha.


She is the single mother of five kids, and her estranged husband has not paid a cent to support them.


And home is the Lakeland Salvation Army Shelter, where under shelter rules, she has 14 days to find another place to live.


Canesha Blackman, Returned Found Money:

"I need two jobs to make good income to do everything that I need to do."


Canesha never received a financial reward for finding the money. It doesn't matter, doing the right thing is rewarding enough for her.


The Polk County Sheriff's Department says they've started a donation fund to help Canesha.


You can hand deliver donations to any Polk County Sheriff's District Sub-station, or mail them to: 455 North Broadway

Bartow, FL 33830


Dave Bohman, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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