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Everything happ0ens for a reason

I play that back in my mind

If only things would go right in his life

If only time would rewind.


He cries often

Because his lover took his heart

And stomped on it over a hundred times

And now her and him are apart.


He thinks his world is over

But it has only just begun

I can't wait to see a smile on his face

Instead of seeing tears, and where there coming from.


She has a new boyfriend now

And believe it or not hes nice

But hes still sitting at home

Wondering if she'll take him back twice.


That foolish girl is me

Why did I let him go?

He was my entire world

And now hes faint like snow.


I can barely see him

I hardly remember his face

But I know its just a look of sadness

A look of sick disgrace.


Now I'm doing better

And hopefully he is too,

If only he was ok

Maybe it is true.


He is only my friend

Thats what I want him to be

Why can't he realize this?

I just wish that he could see.

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