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just a girl


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To the world..shes just a girl

Just a lonely,foolish girl

She isnt cool

She isnt pretty

She isnt nice

She isnt witty

Shes just a girl

Thats all she is

Maybe a friend to some here and there

Shes convinced..no one sincerely cares

Cares if she lives

If she died

If shes smiling

Or if she cries

Why?Because shes just a girl

Her heart isnt strong

It isnt weak

It isnt stone

Shes always alone

People passing by

Barely giving up a glance

Is anyone willing to give her a chance?

A chance in this world to be accepted

To be cared for

Nope..they wont turn around

Wont even start to twirl

Does this surprise me?

No..shes just a girl...

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