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Title: Airing Linen

By: Henry Taylor


Wash and dry,

Sort and fold.

You and I,

Are getting old.



Short, witty and published years ago.


Yes, a hint of depression in there when you stop to think about what it can mean, but overall, it's poking fun at life and routines; at the inner self and how things feel.


Short and to the point. That poem in and of itself is a lesson not only for life but for writing too.


Study it. It's one of the few poems that I actually grasp, and it's a hidden treasure of brilliance.

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Look at how simplistic it is.


It's describing an action, then commenting on it.

Wash/Dry/Sort/Fold, basically doing the laundry.


Compiled into a 4 worded instruction or guide for what to do.


It's become so mundane and routine that it's been simplified to the obnoxious description. However, it's part of their life.


Since they have it down to a routine so well practiced, they feel old, as though they can't do anything else nor have time to become good at anything else.


However, even those that are in their 50's learn new jobs and careers, so they're not old.

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