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People just dont understand..


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I dont know why some of us can't write about "misery and woe" What if thats how were feeling? You cant tell us how to feel. I mean cheese, your poetry is beautiful and you have an extroadinary mind. And daniel you do to. And well so do I. I mean not many people out there can write poetry. I mean all I ever do is go on to here and start writing. And not many people can do that. Were special in our own way, and I dont know why you wont let us write stuff like that. Just because we do, doesnt mean we need help..:S But thats how I feel, and I hope you will take that into consideration.
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Writing sad poems does NOT mean you are writing good poems, just like writing good poems does NOT mean you are writing sad ones.


The rule doesn't mean you're not allowed to write poems that are sad, just a statement that poems can be happy, comical, witty, timid, angry, etc.


Don't limit yourself to 1 emotion or style, because that's not what poetry is about.


Yeah..and I just had an interesting conversation. And he says I know less then he does about poetry. And he doesnt even fricken write!..:S

No, I said that if you think poetry is about sadness, then you know less about poetry than I do.

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