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kayla..this poem is for u :o


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Kayla, your a great friend...so i thought i would write a poem about you :D




Your sweet,kind and caring

I dont know what I would do

With out someone to hang on to

Like a friend as you


Whenever I seem down in the dumps

Your there to pick me up

You offer me a hand

A smile your willing to spend

Im finally back on my feet

So you trip me right again :D


The memories we made

Will last forever and more

When we are together

Life is never a bore

You dont know how much you mean to me

Or how great of a person you are

Your laugh is always with me

Weather its near or far


When I need a shoulder to cry on

Hun..you offer me two

You found me when i was lost

If you lose ur way..i'll find you too! :o

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