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This Essay Breaks the Law


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An oldie, but a goodie.


For those who don't know who Michael Crichton is, he wrote Jurassic Park, State of Fear, Prey, and many other science fiction/fact stories. I don't know how to explain it. He uses real sciences, but the technology in his stories that I've read have progressed farther than their real-life counterparts. Enough of that. Just thought I'd give you some of his background, if you can decipher it. Now, the article:


This Essay Breaks the Law - New York Times


This gives me an idea. In the next story I write, I'm going to break all of the laws I can. Then, I'll make the video game version in one of the various free game makers and break even more. Unfortunately, the crowd that they would be available to wouldn't understand the humor in it. I guess I'd have to give the complete history of every joke as a separate book.

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