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To start this off...


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I actually have a long list of celeb's I'd like split a wishbone with...


Robin Williams because he's remarkably funny and talented. I could go into a long list of work he's done and performed with perfection, but those who know him already know of his excellant qualities.


Margot Kidder for her distinctive personality that shines through in her performances without compromising the rule she is playing.


Tom Welling from Smallville (as Clark Kent). He pulls of the performance with just the right bit of teen-age rebellion while showing the ever growing signs of maturity and self control that the adult Clark Kent (aka Superman) will have.


Lacey Chabert from Party of Five, Mean Girls and the voice of "Eliza Thornberry" from Rugrats and The Wild Thornberry's. She also played "Brooke Mackenzie Ellison" in The Brook Ellison Story, based on the true life of Brook Ellison from New York.


Brooke Ellison for her spirit and success. While it may be difficult, I'm confident that she could find a way to split a wishbone with someone. She's accomplished so much so far, I don't see how something like that could be any bit of a challenge for her.


Someone that I can't split a wishbone with.. Christopher Reeve who played Clark Kent/Superman (opposite of Margot Kidder who playe Lois Lane) in the 4 Superman movies and even after becoming disabled from a horse-riding accident in 1995, managed to inspire many to accomplish great goals. As a form of "passing the torch" for the role of Clark Kent, he guest starred in Smallville as Dr. Swann (and that name in itself is a special reference). He had finished directing The Brooke Ellison Story shortly before his death on Oct 10th, 2004. It was a great loss to hear about on the news, and his long time and best friend Robin Williams shared with everyone how special he considered Christopher to be.


Here's a wish that Christopher Reeve's spirit will live on and that his final wishes will come true.

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