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Please Remember me


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Please remember me

Through all the times we have had

And I hope you are happy some day

I hate it when your sad.


I have put you through alot

And I know I hurt you the most

But it was all to much for me

And I didnt realize we were this close.


I know you cry at night

Like I do a hell of a lot

But please stop doing this for me

I want your tears to stop.


I know I dont talk to you anymore

But I hope you understand

That I love you very much..

You are my very best friend.


I hope things will be better for you

And I hope you know that this is true

Being with you was the grestest days

I hope it was the same for you.


Please remember me when your older

And as my eyes swell up tears

That its even hard to remember our times..

I wish things would seem..more clear.

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