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Fall away


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Open your eyes wide

The game has just begun

I learned way to fast

You shouldnt end life with a gun

Things will get really rough

Your gonna want life to end

But we only have so many years to spend

Theres going to be overwhelming emotions but we gatta get past it

Theres going to be hate, theres going to be love

Theres going to be lust,jealousy and rage

Your life is like a book

Each obsticle you pass, you turn a page

You cant just burn the book

The pages in flames

And expect those problems to dissapear

Your still going to have things to fear

Doing something like that is like taking a short cut

To escaping your problems...

Thats not the way to do it

Fight your problems straight on

If you have a problem with someone

Say it to their face

Blow out on them like all the emotions you ever had just snapped out of a case

Dont be worried about what they may say back

Because in the end..it wont matter

Everything you worked for, is going to shatter

You gatta work for the joy

Live life like its the last day

And for all you know it could be

At any second...life could fall away

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