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I BLEW IT..by:me


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I want to rip out this heavy feeling

Inside my chest

My heart is only stinging

its starting to become a pest

I keep pulling out my hair

And clutching my stomach which feels numb

You cant know how bad im hurting

Or where this rage is coming from

Please get on your knees and pray

Because prayers are all I have

When it gets down to the end

Please tell me that I was worth it least one of your thoughts

And Everything was worth it

Even the tight stomach knots

Sometimes theres so much feeling locked inside

So how can I feel empty?

I want to cut open my throat

So I wont have that feeling of me wanting to scream

If it hurts bad enough

I may wake up from this dream

Although I'd barely call this a dream

Its more of a nightmare

Just make it go away

Make everything alright

Give me back my hearing

Give me back my sight

So I can hear the words dumped on me

And see what your going to do

I guess it wont make any contsillation

If i say "I love you"

My hand turns into fire

As i thrash it upon my face

I keep the pain going

as I do this in a slow pace

Im so sick of feeling so hurt, so discusted,ugly,wrong,unwanted,taunted

Being noticed by some

Hated by many

The hope seemed to fail

I want a fairytale

I want a new life

I wanna make a great mother

And a perfect wife

I want to be a fantastic friend

I want my personality rare like a 4 leaf clover

Im waiting to get thru this milestone

Get the pain done and over

Keep a steady pace

Keep a good stride

Nothings worse on this earth

Than thinking of suicide

The only hand i have to hold

Is mine

This stupid girls life im living

Im telling you i quit..i resign

Will someone let me lean on their damn shoulder

And fucking help me through it

So young and already make mistakes

So basically i blew it...

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i agre with kindablonde. i have over 600 poems about death,sucicide, all the depressing stuff. sumtimes ppl have hard lives and it dosent work out like they want to, so they think, how can i release my feelings. u dont wont to kill urself, so the next thing that comes to mind is poems. u can say wutever u want to cuz its ur poem. its a way of taking ur anger or any emotion that u r feeling and just casting it out.
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