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My hand smashes against the wall

My eyes water up as tears start to fall

Just take away the pain

For the final time

You tell me your fears

I'll tell you mine


Keep my mind away from the stinging of the fist

I tried giving another blow

I couldnt resist

Physical pain is so much easier than mental

The blood that im bleeding almost seems calming and gental

Compared to the metal breakdowns I had

now the pain doesnt kill so bad


My knuckles are sore

Im feeling a little faint

The blood was so red

It looked like paint

But I couldnt have painted on the suffering, and hate that came with the hits

The wall paper shed all over the ground

In small bits


Clean up the room

So no one will know

That scar on ur hand

Will always remind you to know

Life will drag you to a certain point

That even yourself your going to dissapoint


The next day everyone asks what happened

You say you smashed into the wall as you were walking by

You hate yourself for having them beilive that stupid lie

You got yourself lying to your friends

And enimies too

Looking at them..looking so worried

Just about kills you to do


Years later

All grown up

Your going to sell the house

They take off the wallpaper

Everyone stops to stare

You whisper

"I heard a girl needed an escape..she still hasnt got there"

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