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Celebrity Wishbone


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This will sound silly and weird, but hey it can be fun!


If you could meet someone famous and split a wishbone with them, who would it be? For the rare few who don't know the idea behind a wishbone, you get a wishbone (such as from a chicken, turkey, etc) and when it's dry, between you and someone else, you each pull on the bottom of the opposite ends of the wishbone and when it breaks, the person with the middle part of the bone wins their wish.


So who would you like to split a wishbone with? It sounds silly, but weirder ideas have been done before, why not this one? :)


You are also welcome and encouraged to tell why you would like to split the bone with them, but please, nothing disgusting or nasty. If it's an actress because you think she's pretty, a singer because you like his music, a government official because you like the work she's done in office or even an athlete because of how well he plays.


As a warning, anyone making wishbone posts that are inappropriate, disrespectful or otherwise in bad taste will have their post(s) removed.

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