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Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach..


Please tell me you have watched the show about these rich kids from Orange County, CA. Sounds pointless? But you dont know how much drama there is if you havent watched it. Thats what makes the show good. And its REAL!


Theres Kristin the bitchiest on the show

Jessica(Kristin's best friend)

Alex(Other best friend)

Talan..mmm! hes hott

Jason(Jessicas boyfriend who she claims cheats on her. Well her friends think that.)

Alex H.(Who jason flirts with ALOT)

Taylor(Alex's friend and Talan "claims" he likes her. But it looks like he likes Kristin too)


Lauren or "LC" (I LOVE HER!)

And theres Stephen..the hottest guy on the last season of LB.


Sadly those last 3..well 2 Lo and Stephen go back to College. But Lauren stays home.



Watch the show!! If you havent , your missing out. Theres already been 5 episodes!

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