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I wish all dreams were like wishes, and all wishes came true...cause in my dreams i am always with you, My heart is bleeding, my eyes are wet from the tears i can feel the water from them run down my face they are black and cold, cold is all around me nothing to stop the pain; i feel like im dying now still Wishing, Hoping, and Praying that you will be here cause i know you will help for every tear that i cry...the time is here, its now or never. Here it comes its slowly creeping up my back. Help me lord. Then i saw shadows and hear voices they are saying "Shes not going to make it" i try to speak but nothing comes out. Everybody screaming, the pain is increasing. Help me get through this thats all i am thinking. Dont let me go, please no. "Its A Miracle!" was the next thing i heard. The girl is going to make it and so on shes back to this world.
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