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So you walk into a store


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I saw this elsewhere anyhoo............. :)


List 3 things that would scare/freak out/confuse a cashier if you were to buy them at a store. Everyone tries to come up with the weirdest combination.





A shovel

Dirt and

Garbage bags

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Why would you buy dirt? Anywho...


Butane lighter

Propane tank

Evil glint in eye



Shotgun shells



Extra-strength cleaner

Hockey mask



I love these games. They really bring out my creative side. B)


Sorry for adding a fourth, but I just read a good quote from Bash.org.

<Badforyou> Does anyone know where you can buy large, exceptionally strong plastic bags, fake dog poo, sulphuric acid, aroma therapy candles, and a ten pound dead doberman on the internet?

<freekoala> all but the dead dog on amazon.com i bet

<freekoala> you could put together your 'amazon.com' wishlist and send it to people. they will wonder about the theme, but keep them wondering.

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