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Waking up to the cool breeze of my open window

Slip on my slippers and walk into the hall

Take a peek outside

Another gorgeous day of fall

I hear kids playing in the leaves

And helping their mothers carve out a pumpkin

Two big eyes

A crooked smile

A drawed on nost in between

I smile as I go in and look in the mirror

Today is halloween

I get to be someone..

Anyone other than myself

The day is now getting darker

In the pumpkins there is now a dim glow of light

Flashlights all around

I can barely hear the voices roaming around that night

A ding-dong on my door

I jump out of my seat

See the little kids


I remember being that young

And so excited about this holiday. . .

Finally past 9:00

I slip on a mask

No one dares to ask

What I am

So turn off the lights

You don't have to see

Take my word for it

I wanna be some one other than me

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