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Free iPod offer


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Sorry, Wolfie. I guess I could have given your older topic a chance, but I believed that it was a scam. There is a whole thread with 100+ replies about the one I'm about to post on scam.com, though. It's not people complaining about it. It's about people who've actually won things.




No, I won't post my referral link. I could, but I don't like tricking people into clicking on links for my personal gain.


Back on track, it's pretty easy. If you believe what the people say, all you have to do is gather 1000 points by completing offers for an iPod Shuffle. You could go the extra mile and gather 2000 for an iPod Nano. I've currently got almost 300 points, including the 200 point signup bonus. There are actually quite a few offers that require no payment or anything. They only give around 10 points, though.


I believe this is legit, but don't hold me to that. Enter at your own risk. As always, use your own judgement. In the case of some on here who may read this message, use someone else's good judgement, instead.


That last sentence was a joke. I was serious about using your judgement, though.


Wolfie, if you no longer want this kind of stuff on your forums, I'll discontinue.

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Oh... My... God...


Sorry, Wolfie. It looks like my post gave you at least one new member...


I also learned a new tidbit of info. If you check the so-called "Winner's Circle," you will notice that there are some duplicate pictures. Yeah, they all have different names and statements next to them.

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