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Your everythin


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I'll gladly be your perfect mistake

Your beautiful letdown

Your daring deisise

I'll be your girl

I'll be your everything

Call for me

I sware i'll answer

If you start to bleed

I'll mend your wounds

I'll hold your hand

Through the bad and worse

I cant get enough of you

Like an addiction

Shorten my steps through the road

That led me right to your heart

In my life your the greatest part

I want the memories

The AMAZING memories

That take my breath away

While your there

I can see the look in your eyes

But my affection for you can you even tell?

What would you do to prove my love?

Bring me up to heaven

Then drop me into hell

Im crazy about you

That fairytale love became us two

Im so empty without you here

Our love is so sincere

I can only pray

That we stay this way together

Why can't I love him forever?

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