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not afraid


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Walking down those streets

Never felt so lonely and cold

At the time the harsh wheather

And painful tears

Was all that i had to hold


Such an empty life

Just waiting to be filled

A new way to live

About to be killed


I used to be so scared

Of beyond what i already knew

Reality and dreams

Tore me right in two


Leaving all the fear behind

Left ditches in the tracks

It was in a world of opinion

Where I needed simple facts


What ever happened to hope?

That was something I lived by and had

It escaped without me knowing

Until I needed it very bad


One thing I learned is you have to fight the battle

Weather its on ground,

In water or sky

But..the second you lose the war

Is the second that you die


Even through all the problems that i've met

Through all the harsh memories i've made

I think im ready to admit

life is hard..but im not afraid

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