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I won't pretend that I dont care

About you giving up on this

About you giving up on us

And screwing up the bliss


I wont pretend that you mean nothing

Only because your worth it all

The more smiles that you give me

Faster in love I did fall


I wont pretend that your not great

I hope you know that your that and more

I'll let you know a secret

Your what I get up in the morning for


I wont pretend that I dont want you

I've never wanted anything more in this life

Just the thought of you walking away

Stabs me like a knife


I wont pretend that I dont like these mixed signals that your sending

But all of my feelings didnt make you come to me

You didn't fufill my happy ending

Nothing worked out,

The way i had prayed

Everyone around me

Says this is the way the game is played


So i'll carry on with this heart

That seriously needs mending

Its not to hard to figure out

Maybe I should start pretending...

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