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Pearl Harbor

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We have a triangle of lovers set against the Japanese attack which pulled America into World War II. Kate Beckinsale is an army nurse torn between Ben Affleck and his best friend, Josh Hartnett. Both are pilots. When Affleck is presumed killed in Europe, Josh gets Kate pregnant. Affeck returns, and the two men clash in Hawaii. The attack at Pearl Harbor is drawn out and emotional. Josh is killed in the Doolittle raid on Japan. Affleck marries Kate and raises his friend's son. There is no mention of the atomic bomb ending the war, which I considered an omission. The events of 9/11 occurred only months after the release of Pearl Harbor, leaving George W. Bush responsible for the global conflict of the 21st century. I made my way to Oahu and the USS Arizona Memorial. It is a solemn place. Beckinsale's beauty became apparent in subsequent films.
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