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Super hero popsicle sticks


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These are on the sticks that popsicles come on, at least from a "Super hero" version.


Why did the driver throw money in the street?

So she could stop on a dime.


If a gown is evening wear, what is a suit of armor?



Why was the book in the hospital?

Because it hurt its spine.

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What time is it when you're out of ice cream?

Time to get more ice cream.


Why did the pig want to be an actor?

He was a big ham.


What do pigs put into their computers?

Sloppy discs.


What do rabbits put into their computers?

Hoppy discs.


Why did the computer go to the chiropractor?

It had a slipped disc.


What is the most important thing you need when you go skate boarding?

Your skateboard.


Why was the computer proud?

It made an important DISC-covery.


What is the most musical piece of a turkey?

The drumstick.


What keys can't you put a lock on?

Piano keys.

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