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Little boy and girl


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I saw such a friendly face

Then time passed by at such a swift pace

I still remember those eyes

And that calming voice

But then you left

Reality didnt leave me a choice

Memories help me stand

Being with you hand in hand

Seeing you smile

And help me collect myself together

I thought we could be with each other forever

You left my life without a sound

So who can help me get through life now

..Pick me up off this ground

Only 7 years old I was

When we first met

So many mistakes since then I regret

Until age nine

I did start to find

That moods started to change

Peoples lifes started to re-arrange

Then there I was

At the end of that year

My 10th birthday creeping near

I stopped seeing you

But i miss you

I want you

I lost you

Around age 11

I knew that you were gone

My puppy love didnt even wave me so-long

Or farewell

I matured some bit that year of evelen

But i couldnt stop thinking about age seven

When we first talked

And how your eyes met mine

those days fell so far behind

By age thirteen

An invisable wall unseen

Started to grow

Between real

And fake

It was such a long time ago

When I had no stress

Those days were wholesome and petty

But now im ready

To concider breaking through this wall

This isnt anyone elses call

..She was only seven

Six years later

She had a crush on a skater

She had a crush on a football player

She had a crush on a goth

A crush on a gangsta

But what she remembers the most

Was that little boy

Who made her smile

And then one night

Whispered in the girls ear

"For you i would fight..."

Gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek

Slipped into his sleeping bag

The girl slipped into hers

That was undoubtidly

The last time she saw him

So young and clueless

How could fate do this

Only remembering flashbacks

from the golden age of 7

To the sad age of ten

She sitts in her room with his picture..and paper..and pen

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