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Let's see...I don't have much to talk about...but I'm getting pretty nervous about school. It just kinda kicked in, ya know? I'm not sure if Audrey is nervous, seeing that it's her first year in middle school (she's goin into 6th grade, so she's a year behind me)...Idk. I'm gonna call her when I get home. OH wait, she'll be at soccer practice now, so nvm. *sigh* So, let's see...Monday I went to Audrey's house, Tuesday I went back to dance (which, BTW, was like, too hard for words, seeing that I was all sore and out of shape and everything), and today I went to piano (*yawn*) and endured the rath of Mrs. Blum. (HA! J/k. She's way nice, except when I get my rhythm all [screwed] up.) And then I went and got a chocolate malt, since I was like, starving, and then I walked here, and now here I am. ("Here" is the library for everyone who doesn't know that already.) Oh yeah...THIS THURSDAY IS THE LAST DAY OF DANCE!!!! Wahhhh! *cries* I'll miss everyone, but here is something that is UNFAIR (I told Audrey and Rachel this, and they're just like, "No, that's not true." HA! That's what they think!): well, according to everything that I've seen, the teacher (hereafter known as Karen) only put the people who were, like, super-skinny on pointe! I mean, I'm not fat or anything, but people like Anna and Maddie who got on in 6th grade are really really skinny (I personally wish I was them, so now I'm on a diet (er, kinda!))!!! And she said that I "need to get my body working together" and everyone says that that means my stomach. So now I'm trying to do exercises meant for my stomach... :unsure: who knows if they'll work. But, then again, she said that Emma's feet were strong, but her "core" wasn't, and yet she's on pointe. Well...Emma just sucks. PERIOD. And she's SUPER-skinny...in fact, she looks kind of anorexic. (I even asked Sara, who should know, since she's her bff, and she said that yeah, she did look anorexic.) But, like, I said, she just plain old sucks. Anyhow...when I went to S121, they said that by Jan. I could get on. I hope that's true. I'm a hell of a lot better than that fat girl who was on pointe at the other studio!! Even the teacher @ S121 (hereafter known as Jill) said that my feet were in good shape for pointe shoes, because my first three toes were the right height. :blink: Yeah, odd, I know. I told Audrey this (she only has two toes! HA!), and she's just like, "Uh..is she serious?" And I'm all, "Heck yeah, she sounded serious!" And then she's like, "What about my feet?" and I said, "You only have two toes...that's not as good," so she kinda got pissed about that, but w/e. We were bored that day, so afterwards we watched "The Titanic." :D Yeah, boring, I know. But Audrey's Mom Jackie is WAY strict (even stricter than MY MOM!!!!)!!!!!!!! I wonder how that's gonna work out w/Audrey going to her first year of Middle School...well, we'll see. And she said that now she IS friends w/Molly again! I wouldn't be. But then again, most of my friendships have gone down the drain due to fighting. Except my friendship with Audrey. She's, like, one of my best friends. And we've known each other since 2nd or 3rd grade I think. Hopefully, which each of us in Middle School, we'll stay friends. Well, I won't be seeing Audrey in any of my classes, since she'll be in 6th grade. She says she's going back to MAOD... :huh: I don't get why. I may just take a Jazz class there, and then go for ballet Monday's and Wednesday's at S121, and then maybe on Thursday @ MPDC...GOD THAT'S A LOT MORE THAN I'M USED TO! But maybe by then I'll FINALLY by able to do nice doulbe pirouettes and fortes. And we can thank Monona for not teaching them to me and then making me go to MPDC where all they do is double pirouettes! :angry: Oh God...Mom just called me again. I wish she'd stop doing that...god, she is way too overprotective. S***. (But not as overprotective as Aud's mom - THANK GOD!!!!!!!! I don't know what the hell I'd do if I were Audrey. I really don't.) Geez I've typed a lot...and I said that I had nothing to talk about before...lol. Eh, my eye hurts. I think I'm becoming epileptic...my eyes seem more sensitive to lights than usual. :blink: W/e. I think that I'll go now, seeing that I've rambled on and on about nothing. Ooh, I think "Dawn Of The Dead" is coming on tonight. :D I love horror movies for some odd reason. LATA!


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