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All these feelings..

Are starting to feel the same

All these tears

I can no longer tame

Feeling empty makes me want to scream

Living all these nightmares

Makes me want to wake up from this dream

So hard and fast i fell

But i survived to be able to say

In my mind its like im in a trapped corner

A way out?There is no other way.


Memories of when i was younger

Make me shiver and grow colder

That happy little girl

Soon grew miserable and older

All those smiles

Are now as useful as dust

All those old friends

Lost all of my respect and trust


Then plans of the future

Is just something that makes me feel like a dreamer

Its not what it seems

My life is a true screamer

So let me tare all those plans in half

And flash you a cold smile

Maybe even glare, isnt the thought just worth while?


They say hate is a strong word..

I need something even stronger

My life is overwhelming

A beautiful bullet wont make it any longer


You can tie me up and beat me

I wont try to escape the chains

Scar this already scarred body

I'll smile and indure the pain

why waste my time and cry?

Tears make me feel helpless and weak

But staring you down

Is something that this faded power does seek


Shes just another ordinary person

going through more hard times in life

just a few ordinary feelings

that cut me like a knife

just a few ordinary expeiriences

that i would never retry

Dont ask her if shes happy

Beilive me she will lie

With a simple yes

She just cant say it..

Cant give in to the real pain and confess

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