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Man...today stunk. I wake up at 7 ish. File my nails,go online, take a shower. By 10:30 am im at some gurls house, helping some new cheerleaders with some cheers. Still half asleep, stretch em out,work on non stop hurkeys,air toe touches,pikes,etc. then go over it least the 8 cheers we learned that day,broke em down with teh gurls,and did them over and over. Then we took a brake, and ordered pizza..grossss pizza, around 1ish my mom picks me and christina up to go to my house, then hit the drs office.At my house i can see her boreeddd, so we take a huggee walk to a candy place up the street. Come back,go to the doctors

Uh oh.

Christina waited in the lobby, while my mom and me entered the doctors office.

Then all hell broke loose.First the nurse comes,and checks some things out. leaves. My mom says "O yea..ur supposed to geta shot today" Im like "WHAT" The doctor comes in rite then. I freeze.First thing he asks,wat he never asked b4 "Do u want ur mom to leave?" First thing i think is he never asked b4, but hey what could have changed since last year? Its a BOY doctor first off. A boy DOCTOR. So u know what doctors havet to check -___-. Thennn it happened. For almost 15 minutes straight he was asking my questions...like "are u sexually active?Do u do drugs?Do u smoke?Do u drink?" I answer the questions, with my mom staring my down. Then he gave me a "sex talk" as if i didnt know! The second he left, my eyes watered and i BURST out into laughter. Hysterics, why? idk. So we leave, go home, my dad says to my mom "deb, were u yelling,i could hear ur big mouth." he was serious, i saw christinas eyes go dull..then he aproaches her, my dad was prrooobally drunk, hes been drunk ever since i was lil so i cant even tell any more.

We go to cheer practice, amanda is telling me i wasnt doing some moves right, hello! yes i was,! I've been doing this for lets see..6-7 years? shes been doing it for uhm...1. So i think i kneeew what i was doing. Then after consucuitive bull from her, me and chrissy left with her mom. In the car we were fooling around, im like "after 7 years, i still mess up XD" she takes it alll personally and was like "u can do it for ur first year and still be perfect at it." then she ignored me the rest of the day. Grrrrrrrr, i cant do anything rite! She wants to mess with me today? Bring.It.On.

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