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Isolated from the world

Everyone sees me

They dont know me

They dont know whats going on

If they did

Would they care?

Would you stop and help?

Or just stop to stare


No family to count on

So little friends to help me up

No lover to kiss me goodnight

Why am I alive?

Whats there to live for?

There has to be more


If I just hold it all in

Maybe it will just go away

The pain...

The tears...

The hate..

And fears

In the dark if I pray hard enough

Maybe it will disapear


When is this emptiness going to leave my body?

Where the hell was everyone when I needed someone to lean on?

Where the hell were you when I needed someone to talk to?


Everyone is saying that its just a stage

Then i'll bottle it up inside

Im starting to get shaky

Prepare to feel my rage

Dont worry

It wont kill you

Its been inside me all this time

all its done is cut me

like a knife

nice and slow

It will never stop..

the blood will just flow and flow


Cant i be the girl with the perfect family?

Cant i be the girl with the reliable friends?

Cant i be the girl with that special someone?


Im such a great actress

A nice smile

A nice reply

"Are you ok"

"im just fine"

Am i an actress?

Or am I just a lier?

Lying..to you,to them,to me


Someone please..take me under their wing

Because god knows I cant fly

But no ones here to help me

So I guess i'll just crash and die

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