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The Weirdest Thing


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Well it didnt happen to me...but my aunt is a nurse type person....and she was nursing a women who had a heart trancplant...and well she was gonna die so she asked for her husband to come in and he said "I will always love you, and i cant live without you" She died at 4:40. Well he also died the next day at 4:40. The EXACT time. Well my aunt went to there house to move stuff and when they got there the clock stopped at 4:40. WEIRD HUH? Gave me the chills. :o :no:
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This one time, I seen a demon in a rubber duckie toy. We were at this place, and I saw something at the corner at my eye, and I watched it go into the ruber duckie thingy, and it started to hop around the store. I showed my mom, and I told her what I just saw, so she got the toy and said something and that lil demon came out and just vanished into thin air.




*no im not making this up either, crazy but true*

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