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I have summed up my summer


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Sorry I haven't been posting new journal topics and stuff. <_< I was either busy, sick, or sitting home being bored because the library wasn't open. Yeah, I just got over have the flu for a week. :( Which totally sucked. Then there's this whole big confusion thing about dance...because MAOD came back and now, as I forgot to put in here, MPDC said I couldn't get on pointe till the winter.







:angry: :angry: :angry:

And yes, it makes me very mad!!!!!! And pissed. :no: And they let Anna get on pointe! Not that she's not good or anything, but I'm older and I think I deserve it more. And so, well, ya know how MAOD said I could get on pointe before and how Mom wouldn't let me then? Well, I'm thinking of going back just to get on. But there's this other place I found called Studio 121 which sounds good and it's not as far to drive as MPDC is...and when it's the winter, I really don't feel like driving an hour just to get to dance. So, I basically don't know where I"m going. But I decided to try out this Studio 121 (hereafter known as S121) this Monday. I told Audrey about it and she said that it sounds cool and that maybe she might join too...but, the teacher said if she would think that I would be good enough for pointe that I couldn't take a pointe class there cuz there's not enough people since it's a small studio (unlike MPDC nad MAOD). Anyhow...Idk what'll happen, but all I know is that I WAS SICK ON MY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT SUCKED REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I AM better now. :D And I did get cool presents. Maybe I should just lay off the whole pointe-shoe thing. I think it may be getting me sick again.








It's just so annoying!!!! To think that other people who aren't better than me got on and I didn't just pisses me off really bad. But, I'm going to have to learn to deal or else it's not going to get me anywhere. I'd better log off and go home and practice piano...something that I actually enjoy now, believe it or not. LOL. CYA L8ER!


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