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Just A Dream


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I woke up this morning, to find for once I wasn't alone,

I was so happy I wasn't going to have to face this world

on my own.

You held me close away from the cold,

it was like I was changed, with a whole new soul.


I thought I knew love before this day,

but I had never in my life felt that way. You made me

happier than I ever thought I could be,

and if you let me, I would spend the rest of my life making

you feel the same way.


But suddenly I woke up lying in my bed,

only to find myself alone once again.

As I hope you feel the same as I do,

I hope that someday, this dream will come true.


I knew it was true, that nothing is what it seems,

because when I woke up, I lost it all, it was just a dream.





(Ok..you can reply to this one..tell me how bad it is..)

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