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Critisize me all you want

I just cant care anymore

I dont want to hear you rant and roar

About how horrible of a person I am


Remember that Christmas mommy,

where you and daddy got in that fight

and you yelled at aunty

at that party that night

Remember how i was only 6

I remember that mommy

Its a memorie i cant fix


You tell me bad things mom

Like "do you think you special? Cause your not"

Here, what lesson has been taught?

That you make me feel bad

So you can feel like gold?

We both know that all you'll ever be is glass

And I can already see right through you


You say "you should see yourself when your talking to me"

well mom, myself i DO see

Take a look in the mirror mom

I AM you

Just like you

You brought me up

Here I am

this is it

theres no surprise

I have your personality

That smile that goes right to your eyes

That dry sense of humor

That rude touch

So thank you mom

Thank you so much


Im that horrible little girl you always complain about

Say it to me mom

You want me like a bad habit

You want me to cry so bad?

Here you go you can have it

The tears sting mom

its all from you

I need someone to depend on

guess what

its not you


I know what you'll say mom

It was just a mother daughter fight

It feels so wrong

So stop trying to make it feel so right

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