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Screw ups


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There are just SO many obsitcles i have to face

Every one of them

Makes my mind race

Makes my heart skip a beat

Makes me stay in my tracks

Frozen legs and feet


This life i live

I swear its just a game

I could die and feel the same

The good parts of my life

Need to begin

This stupid race

I just cant win


The people I meet

Hold me back

Someone who will fight this world with me

Is something I need but lack

Someone who isnt afraid to love me

But is afraid to hurt me


The screw ups i've made

hold an image in my mind

hard and strong

they wanted to leave

far to long

I make mistakes

I always will

What can i do about it?

Pause my life?Hold it still?

Fix what i've done?

We know I cant

Let me hear it

Hear you all chant

"She'll never amount up to anything"

"shes got her head in the clouds"

Common everyone, say it nice and loud


I need to pick myself up

Get off the ground

Scream ...

But you to hear a sound

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