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Picture perfect family


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Its just an illusion

If you look at their family portrait

They look more than happy

Life looks almost perfect


The truth...

It kills

Mommy dearest drinks

Loving daddy is on pills

Little girl always has to win

Little boy keeps all his pain within


Their house is gorgeous

Not one iteam old

Its all just ruby,silver,and gold

In this house

You could get lost


Try to guess the cost


The little boy comes home

From an already bad day

Looks in the garage

Mommies car is in the driveway

He runs upstairs

To hug and kisses her

He whispers to himself

"Oh god i missed her"


She can barely walk

Blurry words when she talks

In her bed she sunk

It just takes one look

He knows shes drunk


She barely walks down

The endless steps

Finds her kid

He tells her to back off


Only one visitor


So bad i wanna flee

Get out

But I cant

Im so trapped

How can such a great big house

Feel so enclosed and small?

In my mind

Each wall was going closer to each wall


"Aliciiia?" she yelled from half way upstairs

The little boy looked up at me

he said "you dont have to answer.."

I did..

He followed behind me

She wearily went in his room

Put herself on his bed

Closed her eyes for just a second

Even then she looked worse than dead


She said "Are you okay? Are you stressed out"

The boy said in a regular voice "Dont answer..."


All eyes back on me

Last thing i knew

She was pouring out excuses


Then it hit me

Just to hard

I had found out

That she did drink

And their winter was horrible

All she did was get trashed

The little kids got thrashed

But this

Was almost a daily basic with this picture perfect family


After some things were said

In that room

I ran to the bathroom

Felt the tears pour out of my eyes

She knocked on the door

I said "Washing my hands"

she left

I heard her go downstairs

The boy knocked on the door

I opened it

He said "Common, with those keys,mom will get far"

"Help me find the keys to her car"


Before the keys

We found wine

Some booze with the twist

Of kiwi lime

Some cigaretts

From a woman

who never smoked


The little boy

Eyes huge to see

Whispered crystal clear in my ear

"Does she just want to die?Yes..she does. Why doesnt mommy want to be with me?"

I couldnt move

Then i heard a voice

That tried to sooth

Coming up the stairs

"Kids..where are u?"

He grabbed the wine

Ran in the bathroom

Locked the door


As he poured out the wine

In the sink

His cell got a call

It was his dad

He yelled to him "help i took moms wine, shes ganna get mad!"

She knocked on the door

And said "Let mommy in..i have to get ready"

I grabbed the wine nice and steady

He replied "im not stupid...get away"

The wine poured in the sink

every last drop

I knew that i could NOT stop


He ran out

I was in a closet

Heard her coming in..

I ran out

She grabbed me

I pushed her

Ran down the stairs


She still has this problem

Im sorry to say

My family isnt perfect

Now I know..

Neither are they.



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