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To some1 very special in my life


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I will help you stand when you're down

I will love you no matter what I say

I will shower you with truth, weather it be good or bad

I will make every kiss, like the first one

I will make sure theres never a last one

I will smile when I hear your voice

I will tell you, loving me is your choice

I will hug you for no reason at all

I will catch you before you fall

I will take time to listen to your words

I will go anywhere with you, cut through the odds with swords

I will give you hope when it all seems lost

I will say right out, my love has no cost

I will hold your hand when you feel broken

I will let you touch me, for lust I give you this token

I will try to stay strong when all seems so wrong

I will wait for you here, no matter how long

I will love you no matter what

I will be your sunshine, theres not on "if,and,or but"

I will be honest and let you know

In my heart I will never let go

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