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Ok, as a slight preamble, let me tell y'all that I've had a lot of BS going on in my life in the last month. I've posted bits and pieces here and there but would really prefer not to let the whole thing out loose on the web. Anyway, I know that if I take the events of the last month and manipulate them a bit, I've have a story the whole world would want to read, so I'm going to do just that. Now what I haven't decided is if I'm going to take the BS just from the last month, or if I'm going to take the BS from the last five years. Either way, it'll be really good. I think what I might do is take the BS from the last month, then write a prequal leading up to it. I'm not sure. I just know that it'd be doing and injustice if the story didn't get told. BLAH! It'll take forever though, but someone HAS to tell the story. :huh: Edited by fluffyrat
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