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It's not stealing when WE do it.


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sept_11_thefts_wx101.jpgsept_11_thefts_wx103.jpgFormer FBI agent Jane Turner sits in her St. Paul, Minn., home Wednesday, June 14, 2006. Turner became a whistleblower on thefts related to the Sept. 11 attacks, alleging the bureau tried to fire her for bringing the stolen artifacts to light. She retired in 2003. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)


sept_11_thefts_wx102.jpgDan L'Allier, an emergency medical technician, poses in front of his ambulance Wednesday, June 14, 2006. in Ellsworth, Wisc. His employer dispatched trucks in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, to a warehouse, about 25 miles from Ground Zero, and had them loaded up with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated bottled water, clothes, tools and generators, to be moved to Minnesota in a plot to sell some for profit, according to government records and interviews. L'Allier, who witnessed some of the thefts, ignored a company executives' order and talked to the FBI. (AP Photo/Bill Kelley)


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