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I never said I wanted perfect

I never said I wanted great

Me going after some one...

Your the perfect bait


I never said I wanted "head-over-heels love"

I never said I wanted an amazing guy

But you were the one

In the crowd..who i thought would actually try


I never said I wanted just you

I never said you were the one for me

Its so obvious though

because all i wanted WAS you

To be with you

To be loved by you


I never said I could make it without you

My heart if you want to find

You gatta dig deep

Wanna know a secret I bet you cant keep

I loved you


You were my everything

I hate to say it

But he has to know

I'll say i hate you

But i cant seem to let you go


Just so you know

im NOT fine

im NOT doing alright

To stop thinking about you

Is taking a lot of time


Im like glass

You can only walk all over me for some time before i brake

Im broken



But crushin

Oh so bad

Does he know

How hes gotten me

so inraged and mad

but im forgiving him

Whats wrong with me?


Im hopelessly crushin

On some boy who probally isnt worth it

On some boy who probally forgot about me

On some boy who probally moved on

Is it just me?

Or do i relate him to every sad love song


My head is screaming so loud

On the outside im acting so great and proud

Im seriously going insane

Cant he just take away the pain?

Just say:Im over you

Thats all i want

You would know

Even though you out of all people

Cant read me like a book

Listen to me

Then take a hard look

Say it

Scream it

Yell it

Cry it

Sigh it

Whisper it

Mumble it

Moan it

Say it in my ear

Near my face

Over my shoulder

Common boy

Tell me "Its over"

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