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My avatar of the week is...


Do You like my avatar this week?  

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Its Happy Bunny!

Where: I got this Avatar from my computer

Who?: Pro: Happy Bunny has a good ol' spirit. Con: she likes you? NOPE! This bunny is insulting!

Why?: I love happy bunny! Her additude is great (in a cool way)

What: Happy Bunny insluts whats better then that?!?!?!?


Happy Bunny is my avatar of the week! If you want tofind more Happy Bunny search for Its Happy Bunny!


Edit by Admin: You should include the picture in the post because when you change your avatar, it changes everywhere, including posts you already made. :)


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My NEW avatar of the week is... A pure angel

I took the angel test at Quizilla and i got a pure angel.

A pure angel is 100 % innocent and 100% cute!

I pic this pic because it is a cool anime pic and i have LOTS others that are going to be my future avatars



and how do you put the pic there?

Edited by KimmiKitti
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Man know im being a pain with all these avatars. I HAVE SO MANY I LIKE!!!

I think im gonna stick with this one and if i change it intill next SUNDAY you can slap me with a wet noodle! :popcorn: Im just gonna watch my DvD.


Man i still want to know how to put the pic here WOLFIE!

Edited by KimmiKitti
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