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Just some poem


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Nerve racking,

I can no longer feel my stomach...

It hurts so bad to hear u mad,

your always mad...

I try to make you happy,

but i know you wont be...

so depressed,

draining my insides,

grabbing full control of my breath,

I want to cry...

inside i want to cry...

but tears wont help me,

because you cant see me,

over the phone,

You can only hear me,

I cant love you

thats all i ever think,

But i do like you,

even if its something i dont want to say,

I always think about you,

each and everyday,

Life is just a game,

that we all have to play,

And i'm always thinking of you in this game,

From in the morning i stand,

Til night when i fall asleep in my bed,

on my pillow i lay,

It hurts to know i cant have you,

It hurts worse to know i want you,

As years pass by,

Even if we dont talk...

I'll never forget you,

and i know this is my last chance to tell you,

how i really feel,

I'm trying to let go of you,

I'm trying really hard,

But it just wont work,

i cant let go,

Its just to much for me,

Your like a bird,

i watch you fly,

But unlike a bird,

its YOU who set ME free,

Oneday I'll tell you all of this,

as for now,

im keeping it chained up inside,

outside she seems like shes full of hope,

but on the inside she already died.

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