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Take deep breaths

Take it in

Let it out slow

I just knew that it'd be a long time

before i could let go

From the second there was contact

to the second it was lost

Just a simple friendship for the cost


I wanna hurt you

But i wanna mend

I wanna whisper

Yet i wanna scream

I wanna continue reality

But stay in this dream

I wanna cry

But I wanna keep in

I wanna feel healed

I wanna let the pain begin


You confuse me

To much to take

Stay away from me

I need an escape

It horrible how things went

And you dont even care

You never will

You made my life freeze

Its now completely still


He'll never know what I think

How bad he hurt me

How many tears he caused

How everyday i STILL think about him

He could stick a knife thru me

And i still cant truely HATE him


In the perfect world..

Hes with me

But on this world

This may be my heart...

But your holding the key

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