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A different look...


"Beyond" skin  

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For most of the board, you'll notice the look changed. It's a skin that's in beta right now, designed specifically for the software that I am using. If you notice any problems (missing something, something 'off', whatever), please post it in the support forum.




As an added bonus.. Those who have a blog (or who make a blog) can choose from 4 different looks. Just go into the blog controls and choose a skin to use. I'll try to add a few more, so people can have a more personal theme/mood for their blogs.

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I was on earlier today when poof things changed. :)
I know. I saw who was online when I did it.



But i miss the little wolves at the top!! >.<
ooo.. it's pretty :) but yea i miss the wolves at the top too :(
I also miss the wolves :( as well but nice. I like a change in things ever so often. :)

Ok it's not the same ones, but there are Wolves at the top again. Enjoy. :)

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