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Just a kiss

One second of bliss

Turned so wrong

The clock was ticking

Why did it feel so long?


I kissed him some more

He left my jaw sore

I was so deep in the moment

I couldnt even stop myself from falling

Falling right in the trap I set up myself...


Breathing wasn't an option

Just kissing

And living

My passion to him I was giving


Then he started getting touchy feely

So I started pushing him away

He looked at me with rage in his eyes

While I had nothing to say


Then it was "Girl your playin head games"

"Drive all the boys insane"

Now he says it was all of MY fault

That i hadn't thought of this in my brain


Then it turns into him saying hes not like other guys

But doesn't he see he just did what he does despise?

Empty feeling in his eyes...

A thought which I cannot escape

He says "In the real world, your asking for a rape"

He says "In the real world your asking to either be swallowed or beat"

And how "If you tried that once more, you'd be on your knees not your feet"


He suddenly turned himself into the good guy

I'm suddenly the bad

That moment of a lost good kiss...

Is something for only a moment we had

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