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Lier lier

Hearts crushed desire

I want to talk to you

And let you know

Its been so long

I still cant let you go

You liked me

But i missed my chance

Its all a memorie

Of my old romance

Now that wound

That just healed

Is once again open

And a scar is revealed

Fake affection is what you gave

I'll cry with this lonely heart

Which you'll never save

The lies you told me

Are getting old

More lies you hold inside

Are yet to be told

I can't beilive I listened to your words

That choice was stupid and wrong

If I wanna move on with out you

I'm ganna have to be strong

Everything you told me, was so unsinecere

The lies that I thought were true

I held so dear

I was almost over you

Then I tripped

I drank your words of poison

Single sip by sip

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