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Hold the dagger in your hand

Cut through the neck like its sand

Slice the wrist

Feel the pain

Dont cut to fast..you'll go insane


See the blood pour

Let it ooze

Life or death

You must choose

One more second

It could be done

Night is almost over

You can see the sun


You must hurry

And cut fast

Die before morning

Let the thrill last

You cant let anyone see

The scars while your alive

The daggers wearing out

Deeper you must strive


Hold your breath

Let your mind scream

It doesnt matter if you wanna wake up

This isnt a dream

This is real

Now you have to feel

Exactly what you did

How you did it


Time is running out

She cuts so deep

She has to shout

Her mom comes up

Right out of her bed

She opens the door...

Her daughter is dead

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