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All right, anybody reading this post probably knows from the one preceding that I bought a car last Saturday. They predicted the delivery date to be Monday but when the vehicle went through the shop, they found a problem with the wheel bearing. Being as it's a Chevrolet but I bought it from a Ford dealership, they can't work on it. So they are sending it to the Chevrolet dealership across the street from them. Ok, that's all fine and dandy. I went in Monday to re-sign the finance papers and they told me about this and that instead of Monday I could get it Wedneaday. I'm like, "Ok, that's fine. It's not y'all's fault that there is a problem y'all didn't know about." So then Wednesday morning, I still hadn't heard from them, so I went to the dealership looking for answers. One of the service managers went to the service department and they told him that Priority couldn't take it in until Friday. Well, at this point, I'm still being reasonable but I'm getting upset. Not necesarilly at the dealership, but at the situation in general. So Marlin (the car salesman) called me later that afternoon (He didn't know I'd been in there all ready.) and told me that I could pick it up Friday evening. I'm like, "Ok cool." Then I get a voicemail from him yesterday that says, "I have just found out that Priority can't take your vehicle in as early as I thought and we'll need to set up a delivery date for Saturday." I tried to call him back to "talk" to him, but couldn't get a hold of him. Then last night my tire on my car blew out, and my full size spare I found out is dry-rotting. So I had to put the donut on. Of course, a donut is good for no more than 50 miles and no more than 50 mph. Now I'm very confined in where I can go, especially being as I don't know if this tire's been driven on before. So, I'm going to the dealership tomorrow, and waiting for them to open. I'm over being jerked around. I'm driving off the lot before noon tomorrow, in a new car. Whether it's the one I bought, or something else, I'm NOT driving this damn beretta ANYMORE! Wow, I feel better now. :angry: Edited by fluffyrat
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