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Jack Thompson


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Self-explanatory. If you don't know or want to know more, here ya go:



Check this out: this old fogey says some guy trained for his shooting by playing... get this... Halo! Yeah, and I'm training for my future profession by playing Super Mario World. I'm also preparing to defend the future of the human race by playing StarCraft and Command and Conquer! Not to mention getting ready to defend the United States from an attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese by playing Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Yeah, that last one was uncalled for and the joke is getting old. I'll stop now.


Don't forget that when this guy has some accurate information against him, he quickly resorts to third-grade name calling and threats of legal action.


I know how this is going to sound, but I'm going to say it anyways. This guy should be shot. He's just an old bastard looking for people to blame and quick ways to get money. He's not worth the time of day. If you see him on fire running through the street, feel free to put it out by running him over, getting out of your car, and stomping the fire out.


Discuss/debate if you feel like it.


Better watch out! With all of this information in one place, we may be his next target! I digress. I haven't heard about him for a while now, not that I've been looking very hard.


More info (post may be edited if I find more sources before the edit time limit ends):






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