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Whta's in your future?

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Horoscope Update. Today's link I got this from is: http://j-14.hollywood.com/horoscopes/





Sagittarius: Slow down! Don’t rush around so much. Stop to smell the roses every once in a while, or appreciate a beautiful sunset. Everyone is busy in this world, but if you don’t take time out to relax you will drive yourself crazy!

Lucky Day: Sunday


Capricorn: "Respect your elders." This saying has been around forever! While it certainly has some truth to it, don’t let yourself get taken advantage of or treated unfairly by someone older than you. Respecting your elders does not mean letting someone walk all over you.

Lucky Day: Saturday


Pisces: You have a glowing smile that really makes people’s days brighter. Try to focus on the positive things in life so that you can show off your beautiful smile more often. Granted, everyone has their bad days, but try to allow for the least amount of crummy days as possible!

Lucky Day: Thursday


Tarus: Remember, everyone has a different idea of what beautiful is. Some people think blondes are the most stunning, while others think that brunettes are prettier. Certain guys may think that makeup makes a girl more attractive, while other guys prefer the natural, "no makeup" look. Don’t compare and contrast yourself to others, because being your own beautiful self is bound to catch someone’s attention!

Lucky Day: Tuesday


Scorpio: Stop worrying yourself with "what-ifs!" You might be thinking too much into the future and into possible outcomes. With safety and good judgement in mind, don’t worry so much about the unknown things in life and let yourself go!

Lucky Day: Saturday


Cancer: Be aware of your moods. If you find yourself going quickly from mood to mood—happy to sad, laughing to crying—you might need to figure out what exactly triggers those moods. Having severe ups and downs aren’t fun for you or the people around you, so try to find a way to relax when you feel a strong mood coming on!

Lucky Day: Tuesday

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