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I'm lost in endless tears

I dont know what to do

What happens now that the going gets tough

And i cant even look to you

I thought you were my place of safety

But now your my place of fears



I'm now choking on my own words

And my stomache is so numb

I dont know what I'm doing

Or where im coming from

The feelings are overwhelming

And i cant take it anymore

Let me give you all this blood

From which my heart you just tore



You ask me if I'm crying

I embarastly shout out yes

You dont even concider my pain

How much its CUTTING me


At this point i cant posibally be sane


I no longer want to talk

I try to get up

Im so drained out i can barely walk

I'm no longer talking to you

So i burst out into a river tear by tear

I want to die so bad

I've never felt so sincere


You couldn't just leave me alone could you?

You had to leave another scar right in my life

Now my heart is pounding so hard

I want to carve it out with a knife

I want to slice it, dice it

Show you all you put me through

Then cough up all my feelings

And feed this poison just to you

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