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Anyone ever heard of 'em? It's where a group of people get together on a message board and start an RPG. Usually, they are on forums about something else. It's like our gaming section. There are threads to post your character in and then there's the story where all of the action takes place. Some people, like me and some of my friends, take this to another level. The whole forum is about the game, with the general chatting and spam sections being secondary. I've currently got two forums up with games that I think have potential, but I could never find the right people for them.


A bit on the history of this kind of RPG. They have a nice mix of combat and roleplaying. There is more combat than some like, but it was the first I was introduced to.


I'm not sure why I'm posting about this here as I'm probably one of the biggest gamers, Pink20 and Wolfie being some of the others. Anyway, I'm giving away all of mine to people who think they can take them over. I would just delete the boards, but I put a lot of work into them. They have potential, but they may be too complicated for some.


Now for the links:

The Forum RPG Network: By one of my gamer friends who calls himself Stefjenova. Not updated much. It's got most of the RPGs by some of my buds.


Earth 2150 Online V 2.0: The first of two forums I'm giving away. If anyone wants it, I'll be sure to clean up the things AoE2005 has done (i.e. horses, towns, subway systems) that don't really go with the game. I've known him for a few years. I'm the only one in the group to not have the heart to tell him no.


Resident Evil: Apocalypse: My baby. It took quite a bit of time to plan as I had to do all of the stats and combat systems myself. It also has a whopping 0 members. The perfect setting for those who want a clean slate with no bad rep on the name. By the way, my custom image comes with it. I may post this on GameFAQs or GameTalk, also.


The Dungeons of NetHack: Just getting started. Actually, it was started about six months ago. I lost interest, but I may pick it up again. If I do, I'll offer it to whoever wants it, if anyone.


Now, if you couldn't already tell, I'm a big RPG nut.

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